Keeping Tradesmen Working With Our Free Courtesy Vans

When your works van gets damaged or broken into your insurance company will usually only offer you a small replacement car (a small tin can) not a van! which is what you really need, it’s no good when you need to be able to carry lots of things to carry out your daily work, is it?

Here at Motts we have been looking after trades and company fleet vehicles for years and know the problems they face when these things happen.

To help solve this problem we now offer free courtesy vans while we repair yours we have small to large vans on offer, the larger of our vans can accommodate 6 people as well.

All they need to do is come down here and swap over from one van to the other and then carry on as normal until their van is repaired

We take care of all the hassle with the insurance as well, all you have to do is to report it and tell them, yes tell them you want to us Motts as your preferred repairer