Independent proof that insurance approved garages are NOT the best

MSX International have looked into car accident repairs done by independent and insurance designated body shops. If you are used to the normal way of repairing accident cars, the results might just surprise you. For those that have already used Motts Body Repair, what MSX International found will not be surprising at all.

MSX International were asked to look into repair work by the Competition Commission, the UK independent public body that helps to ensure that companies within the UK are playing by the rules. MSX International have over 70 years knowledge of automotive best practices, so you can be sure on what both of these market leaders have found.

And what they found out was this. It turns out that using body shops, decided by insurance companies, whether a franchised or group, makes it less likely for your vehicle to be returned to you in the condition it was in before. Whereas, if you use an independent body shop, it is much more likely for you to have your car returned to you just the way it was before an accident.

The MSX International report lists many reasons why companies have not returned their customers’ valuable vehicles to them in tip­top condition. These reasons included:

  • Poor colour matching in the paint job
  • Charging for more work than has been carried out
  • Missing items, including plate decals and mirror backings
  • Badly distorted mouldings
  • Bare metal being exposed in the car

In fact, the three most commonr easons given by MSX International for cars not being classed as being returned in the same state before an accident were “paint finishes, panel alignments, and repair work being clearly visible,” which are things that you can be assured of will never happen at Motts Body Repair.

Please, read the full report over here and find out for yourself the disadvantages of using insurance-­designated vehicle repair. You can also discover the advantages on using your right to use an independent like Motts Body Repair