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Classic Car Repairs & Body Restoration

Classic Car Repairs & Body Restoration

High quality expert repairs and body restorations of classic & vintage cars and specialist vehicles from Essex's leading body work experts.

Classic Car Repairs & Body Restoration

Not all the work we undertake is the result of an unfortunate meeting of metal. We often use our experience to bring beautiful classic car bodies back to life.

We have extensive experience repairing rusted, worn and generally unloved bodywork and interiors on classic cars.

We’re always happy to discuss how we can bring your pride and joy up to concours condition, or help you progress your restoration project by completing a full body restoration or several focussed remodelling jobs.

With our extensive collection of specialist equipment, including our DuPont paint mixing system and our two paint-drying ovens, we’re perfectly equipped to work on your treasured classic car.

Find out more information about how we work and why you should choose us or get in contact. You can also call us on 01206 264111 or email: lawrence@mottsbodyrepair.co.uk