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MOT & Servicing

MOTs and Servicing

If your vehicle needs body repairs to pass it’s MOT or if a service highlights a problem, come to us! We’ll assess the problem and offer you a range of options to put things right.

MOT & Servicing

MOTs & Services near Colchester on the Essex/Suffolk Border

The bottom line is that a properly maintained vehicle will cost you less in the long term. It will be more fuel efficient and problems will come to light earlier than if the vehicle was just allowed to break, giving you time to plan how to pay for any work that needs to be done, and how to fit having your car fixed into your busy life.

Once your vehicle is three years old or one year in some cases (check the MOT Test table for a complete list of MOT requirements) you need to get an MOT test every year. While not a guarantee that your vehicle is mechanically sound, the MOT test will check that it is roadworthy and meets environmental standards.

In addition to the MOT, as a general guide your vehicle needs regular servicing every 12,000 miles or every year - whichever elapses first. If the vehicle is used a lot, or if you do a lot of city driving it may be a good idea to do an interim service every 6,000 miles or six months. Your vehicle service logbook will say for sure when you should be booking your car in for basic and major services.

It's also a good idea to have a basic car check if you are planning a long road trip, just to be sure that you won't break down. Of course, if you feel that something isn't quite right with your car you should get it looked at for safety’s sake as well as your peace of mind.

An individual service at Motts - it's all about you and your vehicle

If anything comes to light following an MOT or service, our highly skilled, fully trained staff can help put things right.

We offer a professional and honest MOT car welding service for all our customers and can undertake a diverse range of welding work on any vehicle.  If your vehicle needs work done in order to pass its MOT, we have the skills and experience to get you on the road again.

If a service highlights a problem that needs to be looked at, we will assess the problem and take into account the age, make and model of your car and give you a free quote. We won't recommend any work that does not need to be done and will often be able to give you a choice of different makes and models of parts. We will source second hand parts if you want us to. This is on top of our promise to beat any like for like quote in writing from any local competitor.

We have a wide range of experience and regularly have happy customers from all over Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire.

You can get a free quote or get in contact, call us on 01206 264111 or email: lawrence@mottsbodyrepair.co.uk