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You’re in the driving seat when it comes to who repairs your vehicle following an accident - not your insurer. Come to us for independent and impartial advice.


Every claim made easy

Not matter whose fault the accident was, at Motts we believe that insurance claims should never be a headache, which is why we offer a one stop solution if you have had an accident.

You may not know this, but as the policy holder you control who repairs your vehicle, not your insurer. You don't have to follow their recommendations about where to get your vehicle repaired.

We offer everything an insurer approved body shop can offer, including a courtesy car and recovery services, with the added bonus of our independent and impartial advice.

We can repair small dents and scratches and carry out large scale repair work on vehicles involved in high impact collisions. Whatever the circumstances we will tailor our work to what you want - whether you want to get a cheap run-around back safely on the road, request an invisible repair to your family saloon or order a showroom quality finish to your prize Lamborghini – we’ll give you a free quote.

Talk to us about protecting your no claims bonus. We will help you to weigh up whether it's more cost effective, in the long and short term, to claim on your insurance for a repair or pay for it yourself.

You can get a free quote or get in contact, call us on 01206 264111 or email: lawrence@mottsbodyrepair.co.uk