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Minor Scratch & SMART Repairs

Minor Scratch & SMART Repairs

We offer high quality small area repairs for car scuffs, dents, scratches and cracks giving you a reliable service in the Colchester area.

Minor Scratch & SMART Repairs

SMART - Small Medium Area Repair Techniques at our purpose-built car body repair shop

SMART repair solutions limit the repair to the area with the flaw and not the entire panel. Using specially formulated paints and chemicals we can achieve a showroom finish when repairing minor vehicle damage to dents, scuffs and scratches to panels, bumpers, wheel arches, alloy wheels and interior trim.


We sand and apply filler/primer to bring the damaged area to it's true level, then we recolour, lacquer and blend with the adjoining panel using our highly sophisticated paint mixing system.


Where the paint has not been damaged on a small dent we can use a technique called PDR (paintless dent removal). From the back of the dented panel we use specialist tools to apply pressure to massage the dent back to it's original shape and form. We also offer repairs on all sizes of dent - find out more about how we can help with dent repair and removal.


We can get your vehicle back to looking it's best by applying plastic gel, hot plastic welding and re-texturising techniques to any scuffs to exterior mouldings, mirror casings and bumpers. These scuffs can reduce the value of your car, not to mention make it look unsightly and scruffy, and we can leave your vehicle with a completely invisible repair.

Cracked bumper

Did you know that you need not necessarily replace cracked exterior mouldings, mirror casings, bumper and motorcycle fairings? We use plastic welding techniques to repair the crack, then use specialist re-finishing to get the individual part looking good as new - all at a fraction of the cost of a replacement part.

Alloy wheels

We can undertake minor repairs to scuffed alloy wheels - remember if you leave alloy wheels un-repaired, oxidation can occur leading to more expensive repairs further down the line. Find out more about how we can help with alloy wheel repairs.