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Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet Vehicles

Save time and money with our Fleet Management Service. We offer quick, professional fleet body repairs at highly competitive prices, with good old-fashioned customer service  all part of the package.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet vehicle maintenance & servicing in Essex & Suffolk

Running and maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be expensive. The potential for high usage means they are at greater risk of being involved in accidents, scraped down the side of a panel and are more exposed to stone chips and scuffs.

If you don't see the damage to a vehicle, the chances are your lease company will - and then charge you for it. Claiming on your insurance will only serve to increase your already high premiums and before you know it you’ll be eating into your bottom line..

We've seen the situation get so bad with several companies that their costs were running into tens of thousands of pounds and the price of their insurance premiums was going up respectively. Essentially the companies were self-insuring. Determined to put an end to this, we now offer companies the opportunity to sign up for our Fleet Management Service.

What you will get:

1) Quick, professional fleet body repairs
At Motts we recognise that your time is money. When you are a member of the Motts Fleet Management Service, we promise to repair and restyle your vehicles, getting them back on the road in tip-top condition as a matter of urgency.

2) A repair to suit your circumstances
Tell us what you want. Commercial vehicles don't necessarily require the high quality, high cost factory finish that insurance companies are obliged to provide. If all you need is to get back on the road legally and cheaply we can help achieve this.

3) If you want it, a factory-finish to 'wow' your clients
At the other end of the scale, it can be vital that commercial vehicles look professional and smart at all times. Motts' skilled bodyshop experts can carry out high quality repair and re-styling work to ensure the vehicle you receive back looks as good as it did the day it rolled off the factory production line.

4) Highly competitive prices
At Motts we specialise in repairing and restyling vehicles at a fraction of the cost of the same work carried out by original manufacturers. We'll also beat any written like for like quote from a local competitor.

5) A service tailored to suit you, with good, old-fashioned customer service
We'll take time to explain the options available for insurance and non-insurance work. Depending on your organisation's circumstances we may be able to help you save up to 50% on your